Bon Soo


It may have been sixteen degrees below zero, but the sun was shining and the Saultites were out enjoying the city’s winter carnival, Bon Soo. Sault Ste. Marie’s winter carnival, which is named after its mascot Bon Soo, celebrates its 50th Anniversary. The mascot, Mr.Bon Soo, was designed by local artist Ken MacDougall, whose work is currently on display in the Gallery as part of the  100 Years of Art in the Sault exhibit. 


The Bon Soo winter Carnival is a special event locally as well as nationally. It is the second largest winter carnival in Canada next to Quebec’s Carnival. 


This year the Art Gallery of Algoma celebrated by creating a parade of snowman. The snow was hard to pack because it was so cold, but we got some great snowman nevertheless.


These are a few of the fantastic names that our participants gave their snow-creatures: “Whale with chicken pox, snowbird, Wishful thinking (this year’s winner), Baby Kate, Mr. 50, and Mr. and Mrs. Valentine.”  Some very creative stuff if you ask me!


Thank you to all our staff, volunteers and participants for making this day a great success!



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