Poem inspired by art

The AGA has received considerable praise for its summer exhibition Arctic Journeys Ancient Memories: The sculpture of Abraham Anghik Ruben, but one visitor’s impressions really stood out. Inspired by the beauty of the artist’s sculptures Hans Richard Devos a long supporter and member of the AGA wrote a poem, which is a personal reflection and response to the art works of Abraham Anghik Ruben.

Tales Cut From the North and Poured into the World

The north is often overlaid with polar emptiness

a sterile lack of form of place of face

but here the leap of dreams is carved with eyes and hands that mould beyond mythology

the men the gods the frozen storied tales

are warmed almost inflamed with melting awe

a tableau touched with Loki’s trick of life

while I the pale observer am lost within the surfaces

Abraham becomes a northern Michelangelo

the polished stone flows into boats that carry all of us

along the waves of bears of wolves and braves

of ravens hawks and seals and human faces

these are grace flowing poems hymns of stone

tusks dense dreams in browns and blues and greens

all living far beyond the berms and bergs of ice

beyond the narwhal’s tusk beyond scent of snow

there is more that seizes and seduces in these monuments

beak and claw tooth and horn gods from ancient places

leaning to the future journeys spilling into myth

my soul is swept to holy quests with each solid panorama

Abraham the conqueror with his magic transformations

breathes life a density of whales and a grace

far greater than a feathered whisper of the wind

spirit teased to form and flesh all northern tapestries

Abraham you are the shaman to my wandering beliefs

each work a concept carved and curved like runes

upon my heart each living stone telling me that

I am like a warrior guarding all and sharing what is great

     Hans Richard Devos


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