Sarah Fortais: Uniforms for Everyday Rituals at the AGAa

Algoma University Fine Art and Music


Sault artist Sarah Fortais exhibits Uniforms for Everyday Rituals at the Art Gallery of Algoma

Sarah Fortais’ Uniforms for Everyday Rituals, the newest exhibition at the Art Gallery of Algoma, presents 8 videos of a single character performing banal tasks in eccentric and cumbersome sculptural garments.  The uniforms intentionally require the characters to navigate and complete activities while consciously working with the uniforms.  The repeated and comprehensive incorporation of strange uniforms into everyday life presents the possibility of performance as life.

The artist states, Fortais says that her work “presents a dialogue between the familiar and unfamiliar as experienced through sensual processes, while using this position of experience as a platform to more abstractly investigate interactions that both transform the perception of an object/activity/event and leave the object/activity/event physically unchanged.”

Waiting for the Bus

Fortais employs the artistic technique of Ostranenie, which presents to the audience common things in an unfamiliar way in order…

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