Gabriela Benitez at the Art Gallery of Algoma

Algoma University Fine Art and Music


Gabriela Benitez Rojo y blanco, 2013, Acrylic on canvas Collection of the Artist

Gabriela Benitez is the Studio Technician in the Algoma University BFA program, an exhibition of her work is currently up at the Art Gallery of Algoma

Gabriela Benitez
En Plein Air and Beyond: a State of Mind
March 8 to May 25, 2014

Traditionally, the term en plein air as it relates to art refers to working out of doors – literally, in the open air. This technique of working has been employed by artists for hundreds of years and the fresh, vibrant paintings of Gabriela Benitez installed here in the AGA’s Project Room use this classic convention as a starting point.

These paintings are vital records of the artist’s relationship and experiences within these open spaces, and they show how those surroundings impacted upon her artistic process while painting, both in terms of her technical execution and…

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