Marginalia – Stephanie Babcock

Algoma University Fine Art and Music

See Uterus

Please join us for Stephanie Babcock’s thesis exhibition Marginalia  at 180 Projects

April 3rd – 6th, 2014
Opening reception: Thursday April 3rd,  7-9 pm
Artist talk: Thursday April 3rd, 2pm

In a book I lose my self. I am whomever I want.  In some of those moments I am happy because I don’t have to be me; a character I often deem uninteresting, and unworthy of fascination. In my saddest moments I choose to turn to something that isn’t real, worlds that never existed. I can escape and resurface better, feeling refreshed and new. I have taken my relationship with books, the therapeutic effect they have on me, and investigated through them what makes me sad.  As objects, books can help me address my issues and resolve my unhappiness.

These books have become a part of me. Parts I’m not willing to reveal to anyone. They are vessels; objects…

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